Olga de Klein - Visual Artist

Count down for Chattanooga's yearly Gallery Hop.  Wall is finished, now on to knitting more frames for the old photographs in my collection.  I do not know this female.  It is easy to weave a story around her. Her wavy hairdo, framing a familiar stare into the camera, could not hide the exotic character draped in a silk top. Kicking up her heels, she would emerge as a fiery woman, defying the norms, leaving trails of blazing dust behind.  The frame fits her character just right...


Whooshing paint silenced, rollers cleaned and neatly stored, the trays messaged they were still not ready to part.  Lush colors on crackling plastic, nonchalantly left on the floor, the arrangement was calling out for at least one more dance.  The Android clicked, and pixels turned into music for my eyes...samba, merengue, cha-cha-cha...I swore I tasted mangos!


Mushrooms have found their way into Chattanooga again.  This configuration was close to home, I could smell them from my front porch!  They appeared in clusters, in wavy patterns, perched against the brick wall, with some lonely ones scattered throughout.  "So much like stalked sea shells," I thought, "what delicate, flowing lines."  And then it dawned on me that the unmistakable scent, was the scent of approaching fall...



I met Imelda while vacationing on Culebra.  Leaning over her balcony, blankly staring into the street, she struck me as a person that had a story to tell. "Can I take your picture?" was met with a "tell me first why you want to." Just a short discussion in Spanish prompted her to allow the camera to start clicking.  Proudly sharing the history of the island, Imelda's face softened from stoic to endearing.  Eyes sparkling, she told about the many achievements of the natives.  Her sometimes mischievous expressions made me feel very close to her...



Getting ready for the Gallery Hop in Chattanooga, TN on 9/07/13.  Am knitting frames around old photographs, which will find their niche on the third floor at Chattanooga WorkSpace.  Even though I do not know the young woman in this picture, her way of looking into the camera made me weave quite some intriquing stories around her.




Early morning, scouting with the camera in my yard, looking for lines in treebark.  Not a single image worthwhile printing.  Going back to take more and then came across this curve, which was mimicking the outline of the neighbor's spider web. Serendipity?



Lines. They connect, one point with the other.  When followed, there is no distinction between beginning and end.  Lines divide, mesmerize, make mindboggling patterns.  Or they show contrast, between light and dark, between vibrant and less..


“Drawings are everywhere. Wherever two objects or materials touch (stick and railing, pencil and paper, liquid and earth, rubber and tarmac) evidence of their meeting is left behind. To examine such drawings is to excavate, to muse over activity in the past. They present us with the archeology of acts of touching.”  

                                    Tony Godfrey in “Drawing Today”


Fragment of "Railings" by Francis Alys

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