Olga de Klein - Visual Artist

Last month spent some time on Okaloosa island.  I love the beach!  Early morning walks, sunrise, birds, clouds, trying to capture those moments with my camera.  Stills, which can come alive in less than a second, bringing back that same awe - what beautiful lines, what grace, what breathtaking creations.  Yes, there will be a continuation...

Three chairs, sitting on the front porch of a vacant house across the street. For the past 10 years they have not moved, caved, or squeeked - no conversations, no laughter, no board games.  They weathered, crackled, and rusted, keeping each other company without complaining...a tough act to follow.  And I'm still hoping that one day a young family will move in and restore them to their old luster, it would be well deserved...

Building up layers, all confined in squares, one connecting to the other.  Scratching off, building up again, and stepping back...more layers, and only if you knew, you would know what is beneath...


For years I tried to grow poppies and never succeeded.  Three year ago I bought a cheap bag of seeds that created a garden full of wildflowers without me having to do a single thing. The next year poppies were abundant and took over as if they were programmed to do so, and this spring there were oceans of poppies dazzling all over my yard. It made me think again: never give up, and plant seeds without expecting an outcome.  Observing these fascinating flowers in the process of their growth, birth and life thereafter inspired awe. Can hardly wait for next spring!

While hiking around the Pocket Trail in the North Georgia Mountains there was a lot of food for my camera.  Patterns in the stream kept changing - lines, rectangles, ovals turning into images that kept my imagination jumping from one stored memory to the other.  Wanted to paint, to draw, to write, and it all gelled into the notion that nothing stays the same, and capturing the moment is just that - a second ago, is history right now...can't hold on, will let go, and simply marvel at the magic waiting to parade in front of me


Have been invisible, for almost 2 years now. Hard to descrbe, as I cannot give a solid excuse.  Well, other things take preference over my writing a blog. Kind of being under water and seeing the beauty of the world there, but not being able to talk about it in that same space. How can I capture an image of that? Right after the question mark it popped up - a scene of being pulled through whirling mops and swooshing sounds, not in control - the car wash! Clicking my camera and hoping I would get out there soon...  Am promising myself to do better


No time

For art

For me

Just for anything else but

Slowly getting back


Loving the space

Colors, smells and sounds

All take me back 

To what stirrs me

Into a timeless state

I want to stay here!


Count down for Chattanooga's yearly Gallery Hop.  Wall is finished, now on to knitting more frames for the old photographs in my collection.  I do not know this female.  It is easy to weave a story around her. Her wavy hairdo, framing a familiar stare into the camera, could not hide the exotic character draped in a silk top. Kicking up her heels, she would emerge as a fiery woman, defying the norms, leaving trails of blazing dust behind.  The frame fits her character just right...


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